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Nineteen eighty-six. That’s when Fixing Point arrived on the roofing and cladding scene.

With the original purpose of supplying fixings and ancillary products to its sister company, Quedron, Fixing Point soon became a success in its own right. Architects and contractors got on board; they liked what we were doing. Branches opened up in England and Scotland. And in the years that have followed, the Fixing Point team has grown a diverse and loyal customer base that includes some of the largest roofing and cladding contractors in the UK. They trust our products, value our expertise, and welcome our fresh approach to service delivery in the construction sector.

We’d like to say that traces of Fixing Point can be seen in buildings all over the world. They can’t. That’s the point. Our products are designed to blend into their surroundings. Because, let’s face it, screws shouldn’t steal the show.

But as discreet as Fixing Point products are, they’re holding together exhibition centres, retail and leisure complexes, rail networks, schools, hospitals, and prisons in the UK, as well as in places like Hong Kong and the Middle East. And because we’re always innovating, we’re ready to meet the changing demands of this fast-paced, global market.

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