Liquid Waterproofing Systems


Liquiflex-Pro is a high performance, wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing system that is fully reinforced with a polyester fabric. It has significant advantages over conventional liquid roofing systems because it can be applied wet-on-wet, is a single liquid product, fume free and virtually odourless.


Liquiflex-Pro has many advantages over traditional types of waterproofing, particularly within the refurbishment sector. As well as being cold applied, Liquiflex-Pro offers a seamless membrane and is ideal for long term waterproofing of awkward roof details such as pipe penetrations, upstands and gutters. These characteristics also make the system a perfect choice for the long-term protection of balconies and terraces and patios.

Liquiflex-Pro will bond to most substrates, allowing its use in many situations without having to remove and dispose of the existing roof covering. This saves time and avoids the cost of removal and environmental issues associated with disposal.


  • BBA certified for life in excess of 25 years
  • Forms a waterproof, seamless membrane
  • Instantly rain resistant after application
  • Cold liquid applied, straight out of the tin
  • Use with liquiflex roof matting for fully reinforced membrane
  • High performance thermal and UV stable elastomeric polyurethane
  • Easy application by roller or brush
  • Excellent adhesion to most roof substrates
  • Controlled film thickness
  • Moisture curing, can be applied to damp substrates
  • Non slip top coat available for walkways or balconies

Liquiflex-Pro 15 Year System

Overlay on Bitumen Membrane

Liquiflex-Pro® 15 is our standard 15 year system, consisting of two embedment coats of Liquiflex-Pro® reinforced with Liquimat CSM.

Liquiflex 15 year system

Liquiflex-Pro 20 Year System

Warm Roof System Overlay on a Plywood Deck

Liquiflex-Pro® 20 uses the Pro® 15 system with an additional UV resistant Liquitop topcoat.

Liquiflex 20 year system

Liquiflex-Pro 25 Year System

Warm Roof System Overlay on Profiled Metal Deck Including Insulation

Liquiflex-Pro® 25 is our premium system that incorporates an additional layer of Liquiflex-Pro® onto the PRO® 15 system, before the application of Liquitop.

Todo illustration


Installers prefer Liquiflex-Pro because it is extremely convenient. It is a single liquid product keeping waste at a minimum. The benefits of wet on wet mean no need to hang around waiting for it to dry or come back to site several times. With no fumes, it is also safer and more pleasant to work with.

A photo showing Liquiflex being rolled onto a roof

Liquiflex-Pro is a wet-on-wet system, meaning the basic 15 year system can be installed without waiting on build up layers curing.

The main system has a fast fume dissipation rate, but we also offer a low-odour eco version of the system, making it even safe to work with on occupied buildings.

Properties Values Method
Specific gravity (kg/m3) 1.320 - 1.420 DIN 53 217
Viscosity at 23°C 2.650 CPS ASTM D2196-86
Dry extract >90 EN 1768
Flash Point (°C) 42°C ASTM D93
Ashes at 450°C % weight 42 - 47% EN 1879
Temperature 2°C and rising and not exceeding 30°C
Hardness Shore A at 23°C C > 75
Tensile strength 6 Mpa
Dry time 2-8 hours. Fully cured 24 hours
A flat roof covered with Liquiflex Pro


  • Refurbishment
  • New build
  • Built-up or overlay
  • Ballasted roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Metal roof refurbishment
  • Gutter linings
Product Code Description Size Coverage
LQP5 Primer for porous surfaces 5 litre 30m2
LQX1 Membrane thickener for detailing 1 litre 200ml per 15kg
LQC5 Clear Liquiflex-Pro membrane for rooflights 5 litre 10m2
LQPA Accelerator for quicker membrane curing 1.25 litre 9m2
LQT5 (1 part) Grey top coat - UV Stable 5 litre 25m2
LQTC (2 part) Clear UV top coat 4kg + 1kg 25m2
LQTRAL (2 part) Coloured UV top coat - any RAL 4kg + 1kg +1kg 25m2


Liquiflex-Pro reinforcing CSM matting


  • Reinforcing chopped strand matt to be used in conjunction with Liquiflex-Pro for fully reinforced membrane
  • Bandage matting used to seal butt laps on substrates. For example Plywood, PIR Insulation Board etc
Product Code Description Size Coverage
LFM50 Reinforcing CSM matting 1m x 50m roll 50m2
LFB100 CSM bandage matting 100mm x 60m 60m
LFB200 CSM bandage matting 200mm x 60m 60m
BFT75 AS/A Fleece bandage matting 75mm x 10m 10m
BFT100 S/A Fleece bandage matting 100mm x 10m 10m

Non Slip

A balncony sealed with Liquiflex-Pro


  • Anti-slip surface protection
  • Safe access for plant maintenance
  • Balconies & stairwells
Product Code Description Size
NSDAL Coloured Daltex chips 25kg
NSMP Plastic bead additive for Liquitop 2kg
NSPFD Decorative coloured flakes 2kg
NSQUA Coloured quartz granules 25kg

Metal Overcoating

A metal Roof


  • Superior protection for metal surfaces against rust, oxidation and corrosion
  • Minimizes friction
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Protection from chemicals
  • Repairs cut end corrosion
  • Water resistant
  • BBA certified for life in excess of 20 years

Method of Application

  • Ensure the roof is cleared of any debris and wire brushed to remove any de-laminating coating
  • Remove any rusted areas by wire brushing or grinding
  • Apply liquiprime primer onto the affected areas to inhibit any further corrosion

Method of Application

  • Liquiflex-Pro membrane can be applied to the roof 1 hour after applying any primer
  • A second coat is then to be applied 24 hours after
  • Liquitop can now be applied to any RAL colour required

Important: Please note

  • Non rusted areas can be coated directly onto without requiring any primer


Provap self-adhesive AVCL vapour barrier


  • Forms a total vapour barrier
  • Cold applied without use of flames
  • Waterproof & self-adhesive
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • High tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Self-sealing
  • Fast installation
Product Code Description Size Coverage
PVSAP Primer for use on porous surfaces 5 litre 45m2
PVSA Self-adhesive AVCL vapour barrier 50m x 1.08m 54m2



Instant Waterproof Coating for Roofs

Aquapol Roof compound is a single application fibre-reinforced all weather acrylic coating that provides a tough yet flexible seamless membrane for the long term protection of industrial & domestic roofs. It can even be applied in damp weather conditions where it will resist water wash-off and eures to produce a water impermeable membrane. An immediate, economical solution for the remedial overlay repair of roofs.

Method of Application

  • Ensure product is stirred thoroughly before use
  • Apply by brush straight from container in a single uniform application rate of 1-2 kg per m2
  • In extreme cases a second coat may be applied 2-3 days after initial application
  • Ensure surfaces are structurally sound, clean, free from dust, loose debris, algae and any contaminants and free from standing water
  • Repair all cracks, splits & grazed areas
  • Fill holes and imperfections with bitumen mastic
  • Repair any loose felt. Blisters in felt must be cut, dried, re- bonded and sealed
  • Do not use on XPS or pvc foil or in areas where subsequent solvent or oil contact is likely


  • 1-2 kg per m2 when applied as directed

Shelf Life

  • Storage life 12 months in tightly sealed undamaged containers


  • Clean tools and equipment with white spirit


  • Suitable for use on concrete, fibre/cement, metal, felt, mastic, asphalt and existing bituminous coatings, leadwork, slates, tiles & brickwork
  • Waterproofs gutters (plastic & metal), rigid pvc, downpipes, gulleys, flashing, vents, corrugated iron, copper and zinc


  • Out of direct sunlight, sources of ignition and protect from frost
  • For transportation purposes ensure that product is upright and the lid fully closed

Important: Please note

  • Product contains a flammable solvent, and all normal precautions against fire must be taken during both storage and use
  • Keep away from sources of ignition

Tools & Accessories

Product Code Description
MRFBX 4” Top coat sleeves for applying Liquitop
RF9BX 9” Wide roller cage - 10” handle length
MRF16BX 4” Wide roller cage - 16” handle length
RPEX Fibreglass extension pole 4” - 8” long
MRS10BX 4” Roller solvent resistant sleeves
SBRSBX 9” Roller solvent resistant sleeves
VRS4BX 4” Wide roller cage - 10” handle length
VRS10BX 10” Top coat sleeves for applying Liquitop
RF10BX 10” Roller handle for applying Liquitop
DGNIT Disposable gloves (pack of 100)